University of Strathclyde HR Excellence application

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The University of Strathclyde applied for the EU HR Excellence in Research award in May 2011. The University successfully achieved this award in September 2011.

About the Award

View the University of Strathclyde Action Plan.

A UK-wide process enables UK HEIs to gain the European Commission's 'HR excellence in research' badge, which acknowledges their alignment with the principles of the European Charter for Researchers and Code of Conduct for their Recruitment.

The UK process incorporates both the QAA Code of Practice for Research Degree Programmes and the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers to enable institutions that have published Concordat implementation plans to gain the 'HR Excellence in Research' badge. The UK approach includes ongoing national evaluation and benchmarking.  This system of accreditation was designed by the European Commission to provide researchers across Europe with a clear way of identifying those employers which are committed to creating a favourable working environment for researchers.
The award acknowledges a commitment to good management of researchers, the Concordat  and the principles of the European Charter and Code.  The award has been formally recognised and has a profile on the EURAXESS site,  it will increasingly be quoted by institutions on jobs listings and in funding applications. Researchers will be encouraged to choose an employer or funder who has earned the right to use the ‘HR Excellence in Research' logo as:

  • their rights as a professional will be recognised and enhanced
  • their mobility experience will be valued
  • their work-life balance will be respected
  • their recruitment will follow a transparent process
  • they will join a truly pan-European network consisting of research organisations and researchers