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Click on the link for an overview of the business process for Purchase Cards and links to the various forms required to request a Purchase Card.

The key features of PCards on FMS are summarised below:

  • Cardholders and their proxies will see new ‘Code PCard Transactions’ tasks in their FMS task list as transaction files are uploaded.  Default Purchase Card budgets will reflect card transactions as commitments as soon as bank files are uploaded into FMS
  • To set up proxy arrangements for PCards, cardholders should contact Financial Systems.  A proxy can check/code transactions and upload receipt images to FMS on behalf of a cardholder, but cannot submit the statement for approval.
  • To complete each ‘Code PCard Transactions’ task, the cardholder or their proxy should:
    1. check the items on each statement
    2. attach any receipts
    3. submit the statement to the cardholder / for approval

Note that where costs are being charged to multiple sub projects, it is helpful to approvers if receipts are attached in a way that makes it easy for the approver to see which receipts relate to which sub projects.  For example, rather than attaching a single document containing receipts for multiple sub projects, it is preferable to attach a separate document containing receipts for each sub project.

  • If a proxy completes the reconciliation, the cardholder will receive a task asking them to send the statement for approval.
  • Subproject managers will receive a ‘Purchase Card Transaction Approval’ task asking them to approve transactions that have been coded to their subproject.



Guidance for processing Purchase Card transactions can be found in two documents:

  • Purchase Card (for Card Holders)
  • Purchase Card Approval (for Sub Project Managers)

You can find the above documents and additional training guides in the Purchase Card training page.

The entire procurement to payment process is described in detail in the following manuals:

Information on when it is appropriate to use a Purchase Card can be found at Procurement methods.


Transactions will have a date reflecting when the weekly file from the bank was loaded to the system.

The following guide and spreadsheet will allow you to find the date of a pre-January 2016 transaction:

Quick Guide - Purchase Card Statement Date Report

Purchase Card Statement Dates  


Training courses on FMS Purchasing are run periodically. Go to the Course Booking site to put your name on a waiting list of this course.


Can I split a transaction line between more than 2 subprojects?

Yes, the Purchase Card holder or proxy can do this within the task.

I split a transaction over more than one line but I can now only see one of the tasks in workflow.

This is because the enquiry screen has data control applied at a Cost Centre level and you may not  have the permission to see the other Cost Centre.

I re-coded a line in workflow and now I can’t see it in workflow

This is because the enquiry screen has data control on the Cost Centre, you won’t have the access permission to see the relevant Cost Centre

Can I change the default subproject on my transaction lines?

To do this contact the Help Desk details of the sub-project.

The Subproject I want to use is closed – what should I do ?

Again, contact the Help Desk with details of the transaction and Subproject.

How does commitment accounting work with Purchase Cards?

  • Each Purchase Card holder has a default Subproject and Activity set up on FMS.
  • When an incoming Purchase Card file from the bank is loaded in FMS, the expenditure for each cardholder immediately appears as ‘Approved Amount’ against the Purchase Card holder’s default Subproject and Activity.
  • This ‘hard’ commitment against the Cardholders Subproject/Activity can be viewed in the Budget report.
  • Within the workflow task the Purchase Card holder can change the Subproject for individual items on the statement as required – note, this change will not take effect until the transaction has been approved and is complete in workflow.
  • If the cardholder splits a line between two or more Subprojects this won’t affect budgets until the transaction has completed in workflow.
  • When the FMS processing  for Purchase Cards is complete the spend will then move into the ‘Expenditure’ report column on the budget report.

The product on a transaction line is ‘PCARD’ – what should I do?

The product on the transaction lines should never be PCARD. If it is then the system won’t allow you to progress and will keep returning the line to you each time you attempt to approve it.

If you do get such a Product code please contact the Help Desk

I have received two approval tasks for the same Transaction Number

Where the lines have been split in workflow it is possible to receive the same transaction twice. However it won’t be a duplicate, each task will refer to different lines on the transaction.

For instance, lines that include RESNO in the accounts string take a different path in workflow because they require to be handled differently.

Why are there greyed out lines on the transaction?

These are accounting lines that are used by the system. Since they are greyed out it means that users can’t do anything with them. Please ignore these.