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As part of our Athena Swan Bronze University application we were asked to describe any activities at the university that raise the profile of women in SET generally and also help female staff to raise their own profile. We were delighted to provide some examples where achievements can be cited by women at all levels, ranging from PhD students to Professors, and includes alumni and non-academic SET based staff. If you are aware of any achievements to be added to this list, then please contact the Researcher Development team in HR.

• In Chemistry, Dr Niamh Nic Daeid of the Centre for Forensic Science has done some media commentary on counterfeit banknotes

• Dr Penny Davies of the Mathematics and Statistics Department is currently President of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society.  She was an elected member to the Council of the London Mathematical Society (LMS) from 2003-2009.  For part of that time she was on its Women in Mathematics committee.

• Professor Sara Carter , Head of the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship has achieved:

  1. Prowess Prize ‘Making an Impact: Women’s Enterprise Researcher of the Year’ 2007
  2. Women’s Enterprise Task Force (2007 – 2009), Member of the UK Government Task Force set up by HM Treasury to increase the number of women entrepreneurs and the quality of their businesses
  3. Appointed OBE, New Year’s Honours List, 2009

• Dr W. Ijomah in DMEM (Department of Design, Manufacture and Engineering Management) is an invited member of a British Standards Institute (BSI) Technical committee.

• Dr Ashleigh Fletcher from the Chemical Engineering Department is on the local committee of the Royal Society of Chemistry, which aims to promote Chemistry to the community and works closely with schools and public bodies to enhance the reputation of Chemistry within these areas.  She was, until December last year, on the British Carbon Group committee, a national grouping that promotes carbon science and hosts national and international conferences within the field.  She is also an active member of both the Royal Society of Chemistry (MRSC) and the Institution of Chemical Engineers (AMIChemE), and has achieved Chartered Chemist and Chartered Scientist status, as well as being a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA).  She has also acted as a STEM Ambassador for the past 5 years and, as part of the Royal Society of Chemistry's futureblogs scheme, acted as a mentor to aspiring IVth formers from low-participation backgrounds.

• Dr Carol Trager-Cowan (Department of Physics) was named Strathclyder of the Year in 2007 for her science outreach work with schools and the community.

• Dr Karen Faulds from Chemistry won the Nexxus Annual Life Science Award for Young Life Scientist of the Year in 2009 for her work in finding DNA irregularities which could lead to the detection of diseases and infections.

• Professor Maria Fox (Computing Science) co-chaired the 2010 American Association of Artificial Intelligence. It's one of the two top Artificial Intelligence conferences in the world and was the first time a non-North American program chair has been selected.

• In Chemistry, Dr Niamh Nic Daeid of the Centre for Forensic Science recently won the Forensic Science Society's best research scholarship award.

• Maths Alumna Natalie Keating (now doing a postgrad at Oxford) won the United Kingdom Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) Leadership Forum Award for the Best Mathematics Student 2010 for her project "How do droplets evaporate?"

• Mrs June Freeland in Safety Services is chair of the UK Nanotechnology Safety Forum and organising Nanosafety Conference at Strathclyde University in May 2011.

• Dr Ombretta Romice, Senior Lecturer in Architecture successfully bid for International Association for People-Environment for 2012. 

• Dr Gail McConnell, Centre for Biophotonics, won the Nexxus Annual Life Science Young Life Scientist of the Year in 2008, for work which forges links between physics and life sciences.

• Hannah Moir, PhD student in Centre for Ultrasonic Engineering, won the poster prize in general animal biology session at The Society of Experimental Biology,  Annual Main Meeting 2009, 28th June - 1st July 2009, SECC, Glasgow

• Dr Shira Gordon also of CUE had a prestigious article on Multimodal communication of wolf spiders on different substrates: evidence for behavioural plasticity  in Animal Behaviour 81 (2011) 367e375.

• Dr Victorria Catterson of InstEE received the IEEE Power and Energy Society (PES) Technical Committee Prize Paper Award in 2010, which is awarded to the authors of the paper with the most citations published by an IEEE PES journal that year. Earlier this year, she was appointed to Cigre Working Group A2.44 on Intelligent Transformer Condition Monitoring, as one of 3 UK representatives.

• Dr Ivana Kockar , a lecturer in Electronic and Electrical Engineering has been Chair of the IEEE Power and Energy Society's (PES) Computing and Analytical Methods Subcommittee (CAMS)since 2009.  She is also a co-organizer and co-chair of the IEEE PES Task Force Agent-Based  Modelling  of  Smart  Grid  Market  Operations (under Intelligent Systems Subcommittee's Working Group on Multi-Agent Systems)

• Dr Karen Faulds (Senior Lecturer) in Pure and Applied Chemistry was nominated for and received the Nexxus Young Life Scientist of the Year 2009.  She was also nominated to join the committee of the Infrared and Raman Discussion Group (IRDG) and invited to serve on Analyst Editorial Advisory board

• Jennifer Hastie, Senior Research Fellow in the Institute of Photonics won the Challenging Engineering award from EPSRC in 2010.

• Dr Rebecca Lunn from Civil Engineering is Invited member of the Royal Society of Edinburgh working group on Women in Science, Engineering and Technology, chaired by Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell. She was awarded Aberconway Medal in  2011. (The Geological Society awards the Aberconway Medal biennially to a person under 45 to recognise distinction in the practice of geology with special reference to work in industry).She is appointed from May 2008 to Sept 2014 to the UK Committee for Radioactive Waste Management (CoRWM) as expert hydrogeologist.

• Dr Helen Keenan from Civil Enineering is the Chair of UNIDO/GESAMO working group on mercury. Aims to define and implement global agreement on reduction of environmental mercury.

• Dr Minna Karstunen from Civil Engineering is an Elected Member of ALERT Geomaterials Association (2008-2011). She is on the editorial Board of Geotechnique (2009-2011).

• Dr Stella Pytharouli from Civil Engineering was awarded in 2009 The Lampadarios 2009 Prize of the Academy of Athens based on her paper in Journal of Sound and Vibration, and she was awarded in 2008 the TOPCON Award at the 13th FIG Symp. on Deformation Measurements as a Prize for the best young researchers’ paper, Lisbon, Portugal.

• Professor Judith Pratt (SIPBS - Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences)is Co-Founder and Co-Director of Psychiatric Research Institute of Neuroscience in Glasgow (PsyRING;, a collaboration between the Universities of Strathclyde and Glasgow and NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde that engages in major collaborations with Pharmaceutical companies to provide translational solutions for drug discovery and development in psychiatric disease.

• Professor Marion Bennie (SIPBS) has a 50% appointment with the NHS in Scotland where she is Chief Pharmaceutical Adviser, National Services Scotland

• Dr Marie Boyd (SIPBS) (Reader) holds a prestigious Senior Cancer Research UK fellowship.  She is secretary of the Association for Radiation Research, a Trustee and member of the scientific committee of Medical Research Scotland and a member of the NCRI cross Government, Charity , Industry and Research Council initiative, CRTRAD, which is the main body for translation of radiotherapy to the clinic.

• Dr Gail McConnell (SIPBS) (Reader) is Honorary Secretary and Treasurer for the Instrument Science and Technology Group within the Institute of Physics and has made many plenary presentations, including at the Optics and Photonics Taiwan conference (2009)

• Dr Linda Harvey (SIPBS) (Reader) is Secretary and UK representative to the European Federation of Biotechnology Working Party in Bioreactor Performance and coordinator of several significant research programmes funded by various industrial partners and BBSRC.

• Dr Anne Boyter (SIPBS)  (Senior Lecturer) is on the Scottish Pharmacy Board of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and a member of the steering group for the Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network/British Thoracic Society guideline for asthma management

• Dr Alison Thomson(SIPBS)  (Senior Lecturer) developed the current Scottish Intercollegiate Networking Guidelines prescribing guidelines for the antibiotic, vancomycin.

• Dr Gazala Akram (SIPBS) (Lecturer) has contributed to the current Scottish Intercollegiate Networking Guidelines prescribing guidelines relating to ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

• Dr Val Ferro (SIPBS) (Lecturer) was the RCUK Bioscience prize winner for a Business Competition (2007) (and runner up overall).  She is a member of the executive committee of the European Adjuvant Advisory Committee and was runner up for two Strathclyde Teaching Excellence Awards (2010).

• Dr Christine Dufès (SIPBS) (Lecturer) has been featured in the international press (2010) for her ‘highly remarkable and interesting’ research on delivery of genetic therapy for cancer treatment, which was also the subject of a cover article in the leading publication of the Controlled Release Society (the principal drug delivery organisation). She also gained First Prize at the 13th Tenovus Scotland Symposium (the Biochemical Journal Young Investigator Award) (2009)

• Mrs Hibah Aldawsari (SIPBS) (PhD student) has been awarded the Outstanding Poster Award at the 3rd Saudi International Conference (2009) and at the 1st Academic Forum for Saudi Female Students in the UK and Ireland (2010).  She also gained the Runner-up Award for Scotland to Mrs Hibah Aldawsari (PhD student) at the British Council’s Shine! International Student Competition (2011).

• Liza Noordin (SIPBS) (PhD student) was awarded first prize for her poster presentation at The Physiological Society Meeting (2010)

• Lay Ean Tan (SIPBS)  (PhD student) attained a scholarship from Allergan Inc. California and was awarded first prize for her poster presentation at the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences Industrial Insight conference (2011)

• Gemma Craig, Shonagh Walker and Rabbab Oun (PhD students) and Dr Sarah Brown (a post-doctoral scientist) ( all SIPBS) co-organised a networking event for women in both industry and academia called "Women Sharing a Chemical Moment in Time" (2011), in conjunction with the International Year of Chemistry.

• Mrs Linda Horan, the manager of the University Biological Procedures Unit in SIPBS is a Member of Council of the Institute of Animal Technology - Winner of the PMI Lab Animal Technician award 2008.

• Dr Rabinder Buttar (former PhD student , late 80's) (SIPBS)is President, Founder and CEO of ClinTec (a service contract clinical research organisation) and has just been awarded Queen's Award for Enterprise.

• Prof Val Belton(Department of Management Science) President of EURO (European Society of Operational Research Societies), 2010 Former President of UK Operational Research Society Member of EPSRC College of Peers (Mathematics Panel)

• Professor Susan Howick (Department of Management Science) Winner of the UK Operational Research Society Goodeve Medal, 2001 -This is an annual award in recognition of the most outstanding contribution to the philosophy, theory or practice of Operational Research published in an OR Society publication within the relevant year.

• Professor Lesley Walls (Department of Management Science) Best paper award for IMechE part O: Journal of Risk and Reliability, 2010 Associate Editor IEEE Transactions on Reliability, present Project Leader for IEC61710 International Electotechnical Committee standard and member of BSI DS/1 and IEC TC56, present Best Paper prize  at IEE Engineering Management Conference, 2009 UK Safety and Reliability Society Award for Impact of Research on Practice, 2007. Simms Prize, Royal Aeronautical Society, 2003

• Dr Jill MacBryde (Department of Management Science) Member of EPSRC College of Peers (Engineering)

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