Committee Structure

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RG Committee Structure


Current committee members

Chair Tanja Mueller Science SIPBS
Outgoing Chair Christian Calvillo HaSS Centre for Energy Policy
Incoming Chair Kimia Witte Science SIPBS
Secretary Ciara McGrath Eng Electronic and Electrical Engineering 
Secretary Support Ruaridh Clark Science Electronic and Electrical Engineering
RDSC Representative Christian Calvillo HaSS Centre for Energy Policy
RDSC Support Emma Compton-Daw Prof. Serv. OSDU
RKEC Representative Niall McAlinden Science Institute of Photonics
HaSS FRC Representative Christian Calvillo HaSS Centre for Energy Policy
Eng FRC Representative Aisha Abubakar Eng Architecture
Science FRC Representative Kimia Witte Science SIPBS
SBS FRC Representative Donagh Horgan SBS Work, Employment and Organisation
Social Media Representative Maria Weikum Science Physics
Treasurer Rodrigo Martinez Eng Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering




RDSC - Research Development Sub-Committee

RKEC - Research and Knowledge Exchange Committee

HaSS - Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty

FRC - Faculty Research Committee

SBS - Strathclyde Business School

OSDU - Organisational and Staff Development Unit