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The Learning and Teaching in Higher Education course provides relevant career and professional development opportunities aligned with the universities’ teaching and academic job families

The main aim of the programme is to empower staff, by providing them with the skills, experiences and understanding to reach their full potential, whilst at the same time providing the university with a means of assuring and enhancing quality in its teaching at all levels.

There is increasing public and political interest in quality assurance in higher education which is reflected in a perceived need for preparation and continuing professional development for academic staff.  There is widespread recognition within the University system, actively supported by the University and College Union, of the desirability of education and development for the extended range of skills and responsibilities required of academic staff.  This matches the increasing professional, public and political interest in quality assurance in higher education which in itself lends powerful force to the argument for the preparation and continuing professional development of academic staff.

Fostering university culture and aligning with the university’s strategic aims and objectives, this programme provides a platform for engagement with the current key aims of internationalisation, interdisciplinarity, and enhancing the student experience.

SPARK Modules

The Learning and Teaching in Higher Education course requires participants to undertake a core module and to select from a variety of optional and elective classes. Optional classes comprise the set of classes offered within the Teaching and Learning pathway and elective classes comprise the full suite of classes offered across all pathways (Teaching and Learning, Researcher Development, and Knowledge Exchange) within the SPARK programme. Classes must be taken in the combinations described in the regulations section


Teaching, Learning & Assessment within the Disciplines - Blended Learning


Academic Writing
Course (re)Design

Supervising Postgraduate Research ONLINE 

Teaching and Learning Online (TALON part 2)
Management and Leadership in Higher Education
Building a Successful Research Career
Research Bidding and Design
Understanding and Exploring Knowledge Exchange OR
Enterprise, Commercialisation and Intellectual Property
Engaging and Managing Stakeholders for Impact


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