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Whilst the 4 themes and the corresponding courses are the spine of our provision, other programmes support and extend its impact. These include:

Psychometric Instruments
Within the Organisational and Staff Development Unit we are accredited to administer two psychometric tools: mbti and 16 pf.  They have a number of applications, as part of SPIRAL they will be used for leadership development and teambuilding.  They can be used in a 1:1 session or as part of a team event.


To discuss how mbti or 16pf can benefit you please contact the SPIRAL team


As its name suggests, 360 degree feedback enables the leader to receive feedback from a variety of sources and angles.  It will give you rich and insightful data which can highlight areas of particular strength as well as those for development. 

It is based around the Strathclyde Leadership Competency Framework and involves nominating those who you would wish to gain feedback from via an online questionnaire.   This is likely to be your line manager, direct reports, colleagues and customers as well as your own self-analysis.  It is administered confidentially by Compass360. 

Once the results have been gathered you will receive a comprehensive report which will be discussed with you at a 1:1 meeting and future steps identified.

As part of the SPIRAL programme we are now able to offer it to support leadership development.  For further information please get in touch with the SPIRAL team.

1:1 Coaching

Within the University there are a number of qualified executive coaches.  We also have access to a pool of external executive level coaches.  Coaching is a powerful development intervention which will accelerate performance, particularly helpful in developing your leadership capacity.

To find out more about coaching and how it can support your development get in touch with the SPIRAL team.

Mentoring @ Strathclyde

Is the Universities mentoring scheme which supports research staff with their career development.

This mentoring scheme will match a person with relevant experience (the mentor) to a researcher who can benefit from this experience (the mentee). If you would like to get involved in either capacity, please go to our web pages for further information and application form.



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