Energy Conversations

CEP hosts regular Energy Conversations as one of its core mediums of outreach, knowledge exchange and impact.

They are facilitated discussion events where a panel of experts engages in a lively and informative conversation with the audience, moving away from the more common ‘lecture and Q&A’ style of knowledge exchange events. The Energy Conversations focus on a broad range of energy, society and policy issues, bringing together academics, industry, policy actors and members of the general public. It is this mix between expert panel members and a diverse audience that enables us to discuss and debate on contemporary and key questions/issues facing Scotland, UK and the world.

Previous Conversations

The Centre for Energy Policy at the University of Strathclyde is happy to announce the relaunching of our popular Energy Conversations which will take place online.   

While we can’t attract people with wine and nibbles we hope the Energy Conversations will be as engaging and stimulating as ever.   

The first event in the series  Managing disruptions on the path to Net Zero  will take place on 9 December at 15.30, and will explore how disruptors such as the Covid-19 pandemic, which has had such a wide-ranging and significant impact on people’s lives and livelihoods, might affect the UK’s ambitions to meet mid-century net zero emissions targets  

The event welcomes participants from a wide range of organisations, backgrounds and is open to members of the public, students and professionals.   

The event will be chaired by the established journalist Alf Young who now writes for the Scottish edition of The Times and will encourage open discussion between a diverse panel and audience members.   

This Energy Conversation will look to tackle some key questions including:    

Have disruptive events such as the Covid-19 pandemic made governments, industry and citizens think differently about Net Zero ambitions?  

What are the biggest threats and greatest opportunities that disruptors pose to the UK meeting Net Zero ambitions?  

  1. What could Governments do that would both help address disruptors such as the Covid-19 pandemic and accelerate progress to Net Zero?  
  1.  What other disruptors could affect the UK’s path to Net Zero?   


Speakers include:  

  • Rozanne Foyer, General Secretary, Scottish Trades Union Congress   
  • Sam Gardner, Head of Climate Change and Sustainability, Scottish Power   
  • Darren Jones, Chair, Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Select Committee   
  • Professor Karen Turner, Director, Centre for Energy Policy  
  • Alf Young, Journalist (Chair)  


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