COP Question Time - Energy Conversation

The University of Strathclyde's Centre for Energy Policy held their Energy Conversation co-hosted with the Glasgow Science Centre.

The Energy Conversations are designed to be open forums for conversation on a topical energy and climate related theme. The event welcomes participants from a wide range of organisations, backgrounds and is open to members of the public, students and professionals.

The event facilitated a broad discussion around what Net Zero targets mean in terms of how we can deliver a more equitable and sustainable society, a changing economy and people’s jobs and work opportunities, how we live our lives, and the cost of living.

We also explored what role the COP will play in driving climate action, both at home and internationally and what it might mean for life in Scotland.

The event was chaired by the established journalist Alf Young who now writes for the Scottish edition of The Times and encourages open discussion between a diverse panel and audience members.

Speakers included:

  • Professor Karen Turner, Director, Centre for Energy Policy
  • Pamela Candea, Managing Director, The Surefoot Effect, CIC
  • Hazel Gulliver, Director of Engagement, Scottish Power