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Discovering China - an online course for pupils

Discovering China is an innovative project run by CISS. Online lessons are delivered by a GTCS teacher of Mandarin and live streamed into the classroom. Participating schools receive the support of a fully-trained, native speaking language assistant. Materials are available for pupils to explore and use to develop all four skills – reading, writing, listening and talking. This project gives learners in our Hubs the chance to be accredited by SQA for National 4 or National 5 Mandarin (simplified) and the BGE. The courses also encourage candidates to explore aspects of Chinese culture as well as providing a solid linguistic foundation for learning the world’s most spoken language.

Virtual Exchange Teacher project - an online course for pupils in our hubs

Our virtual teacher programme launched September 2020 in response to the Covid pandemic. The programme is run in conjunction with the eSgoil online learning organisation and in partnership with South West Jiao Tong University, Chengdu, China. The programme consists of an 8 week upper Primary or Secondary BGE course. Amidst the technical glitches that inevitably come with a live online class we’re delighted to see Scottish pupils able to connect with a native Mandarin speaking teacher on the other side of the world. If your hub wants to get involved in the next session please get in touch with us here at CISS. 

Professional Learning for Chinese Exchange Teachers

With reduced numbers of Chinese Exchange Teachers working in Scotland due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CISS has taken the opportunity to pilot a new, professional learning programme, which allows the CETs to progress in their own professional learning journey, better understand the Scottish education system, and brush up on their expertise in pedagogy. The programme covers a different theme each month, based on the Standards for Chinese Exchange Teachers (modelled on the GTCS Standards for Provisional Registration) and includes a professional learning workshop or recording each month, followed by an online discussion session to discuss what they have learned that month and share ideas and examples of good practice. Topics discussed have included formative assessment, moderation, whole school ethos, issues of social justice, inclusion and ASN, promoting positive behaviour and digital learning. The CETs have enjoyed the increased interaction with both the CISS staff and with each other and the opportunity to develop their own knowledge and practice as teachers.  

Chinese Bridge Masterclasses - a programme of video lessons developed with East China Normal University 

This project was initially intended to run as a programme of live lessons with a virtual teacher. However, with the lockdown school closures it was redesigned into a course of pre-recorded video lessons for pupils to access any time and anywhere. Designed for beginners, it aimed to enhance the pupils’ understanding of China, Chinese language and culture.

This free programme launched in January 2021 and ran for 10 weeks covering a wide variety of cultural topics, such as, cuisine, martial arts, folk dance and Chinese gardens. Eight schools across the country took part in the programme. Pupil work from this project is featured in our Spring 2021 newsletter.