Confucius Institute for Scotland's SchoolsHanban teacher mentoring

The mentoring process is intended to guide, support, encourage and inspire the Hanban teachers. Both mentor and mentee are learners in the process and the relationship is one of mutual respect, trust and the sharing of development opportunities.

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A mentor can be:

  • a colleague within the Modern Languages Department
  • a colleague from another department
  • a colleague from the Local Authority
  • a colleague who has a whole school role for mentoring or staff welfare

A good mentor:

  • is an active listener
  • understands issues which may affect different cultures
  • is patient and flexible
  • can put aside regular dedicated meeting time for discussion
  • is realistic and encouraging
  • knows when to ask for support from other relevant colleagues if there is an issue he or she feels unable to resolve

A mentee (Hanban teacher) should:

  • know their mentor
  • establish dedicated and regular meeting times
  • be willing to accept support, advice, encouragement and be flexible
  • be honest in seeking support where this is required
  • understand the time constraints of their mentor
  • be honest about what is working and what is not working for them

Meetings should:

  • be arranged at mutually agreeable times
  • have an intended goal or outcome
  • allow for follow up from the last meeting
  • look at next steps and learning opportunities
  • be recorded informally on the collaborative log
  • allow for informal contact between scheduled meetings required

Hanban Teacher and Volunteer Reports

Mentors are responsible for guiding their Hanban teacher or volunteer through their standards and completing the Hanban teacher and volunteer report.

First deadline: 7th February 2020
Second deadline: 7th May 2020

Hanban teacher handbook

The Hanban teacher handbook 2019-2020 provides information for Hanban teachers on arrival in Scotland.

This is a helpful document for mentors to read through to gain a more comprehensive view of their Hanban teacher's time in Scotland.


For advice on completing the Hanban Teacher and Volunteer Reports please get in touch with the CISS office.

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