Badaling Great Wall Climb

In May, three of my friends from Scotland came over to visit China, for any person coming to China of course the Great Wall is top of the to do list while you're here. There are so many different parts of the Great Wall and so many different tour groups trying to sell you expensive tours so it can be difficult to decide the best way to go. We stayed in a hostel in Beijing which had around four tours on offer for around 400yuan (which is about £46). This was a little over our student travel budget so we looked into other options to make our way to The Great Wall. So for anyone wanting to visit the Badaling section of the Great Wall I would really recommend taking the bus from the centre of Beijing which runs frequently and is only 12 Yuan! (£1.40) The bus takes you to the entrance of the Great Wall and return buses leave throughout the day. This was a much cheaper option for us and allowed us to spend as much time as we wanted on the wall. The entrance ticket is 40yuan or 20 for students and they also sell cable cars for 100yuan. So in total our trip cost 144yuan (around £17). It was a brilliant sunny day for us and the Great Wall really does take your breath away!

My friends had an amazing trip to China, describing it as an unforgettable holiday and somewhere they would love to come back to! After living here for 9 months now and traveling around China for myself I can say it is a truly amazing place with a fascinating culture and rich history. It's a place with so much to offer to anyone who chooses to visit and I really have made memories that will last a lifetime and seen places I will never forget during my time here. I'm not saying everyone should pack their bags in Scotland to come and live here, but maybe before booking your holidays this year you should look into a visit to China.


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