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Below are resources available to download for free to use in the classroom.

John Muir Award - A Scotland/China Project

This project aims to have students from a Chinese school and students from a Scottish school achieving level one of the award, using their foreign language and their journeys with each other from two different educational and environmental settings across two different countries.

It will allow them to:

  • Develop and use their language skills in a new context.
  • Think and use their language skills creatively.
  • Become aware of their surrounding environments
  • Become aware of nature, creativity and the wildness of their surroundings.
  • Develop an awareness of the differences and similarities they experience in their environmental space across two countries.
  • Share their journey and further develop as responsible, global citizens.

Below are resources needed for this project:

Resource Guide John Muir

Mandarin and Learning for Sustainability

John Muir Award Discovery Booklet

John Muir Award Four Challenge Review

John Muir Award Proposal Form

My Panda Passport Progression 1

John Muir Planning Document

Linking Mandarin and the Sustainable Development Goals

Below you can find resources that enable teachers and learners to explore Mandarin and China in the context of the United Nations' Goals for Sustainable Development.

Learner passport for the goals

Planning around the SDGs

Mandarin and nature

These resources allow learners to explore Mandarin words and characters for nature.

Nature Powerpoint

Nature. Basic Characters

Nature characters

Search for nature characters

Learner Passport to Nature

My first radicals