Centre for the Social History of Health & Healthcare Summer School

Summer 2021

Post-Pandemic Provocations Medical Humanities Roundtable series

In July and August 2021, the Fellows from the Wellcome Trust funded Medical Humanities in China and the UK project hosted a virtual conference across three roundtables, featuring scholars from our partner institutions in China and around the world.  Further information is available here, including links to recordings of the series.


Summer 2020

The first CSHHH Summer School - a series of online events relating to the history of medicine took place during July and August 2020.

This included four webinars and a postgraduate Twitter conference. The webinars included 10-15 minute presentations from our scholars, followed by discussion and questions/comments by audience members through the Zoom ‘Chat’ function. Our postgraduate Twitter conference showcased the cutting-edge research of some of our ECRs. 

Webinar 1: Mental Health with Matt Smith and Hannah Proctor
Access Password: 5r*?5=*6

Webinar 2Cultures of Wellbeing with ChiChi Huang and Kay Nias
Access Password: x#f@u7@a

Webinar 3: Drugs, Intoxicants & Subcultures with Peder Clark and Dan Malleck
Access Password: p#D&JG5k

Webinar 4: Histories of Birth Control with Georgia Grainger, Kristin Hay and Laura Kelly
This recording is not available at this time.

Postgraduation Twitter Conference 

Chloe Shields, 'Dyspepsia on the Railways Eating practices, complaints and rebelling bodies in Britain in the Nineteenth Century'
Iain Ferguson, 'A Face to Die for' 
Eva Ward, '"The efforts made to redeem them:" cooperation and resistance in colonial medicine and opium consumers in the Philippines, 1908.' 
Mara Dougall, 'Oban's Hospitals Re-remembered' 
Georgia Grainger, 'To snip or not to snip: A (brief) tour of the wide range of at vasectomies in Britain in the 20th century'

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