Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Research and Impact Bulletin

People and Society 

is designed to let our stakeholders both internal and external know about the amazing research taking place in the faculty and the positive impact this is having on society. It is important to us as a faculty to celebrate the successes of our academics and students and we encourage news submissions which we will use to create a new edition of the bulletin quarterly. Keep your eyes on this page for the new summer edition!

Volume 1

Research and Impact Bulletin Autumn 2018

The first issue celebrates successes, public events, notable visitors and student successes. Information on a new partnership which aims to support brothers and sisters in care. 

Volume 2

Research and Impact Bulletin Winter 2018

The second edition focuses on how HaSS works collaboratively across the faculty and with communities, NGOs, policymakers and academics to address pressing social issues and improve people's lives.

Volume 3

Research and Impact Bulletin Spring 2019

The third edition has more fantastic examples of important research and impact activities which take our work beyond academia into communities and partnership organisations. 

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Volume 4

Research and Impact Bulletin Autumn 2019

The fourth edition is packed with stories of successful collaborations, events, student successes - including recent viva defences - and much more.


Find out what our readers have to say...

  • "Great way to spread the word about the great work carried out within HaSS. Very nicely presented."

  • "Good to see positive news about what is happening within the Faculty."

  • "I just like the format. It will probably evolve, grow and develop but a great start"

  • "Written in an engaging way, professionally formatted."

  • "The best thing about the bulletin is being able to catch up with what is going on around the faculty in my own time rather than needing to attend scheduled networking events"