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The Business Breakfast Series

Join us for our series of partner engagement events in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences – the Business Breakfast Series.

Breakfast events are free to attend, but for catering purposes you'll need to register. Breakfast will be provided.

Widening access to STEM in education and beyond
Friday 1st November: Technology & Innovation Centre

An increase in the number of students following a STEM career path is recognised as necessary for the growth of Scotland’s economy. The Scottish Government has laid out plans to improve education and training in Scotland’s schools, colleges and universities.

Two barriers are clear in terms of education.

The first is in terms of gender balance. In the 2018 Highers, the gender balance in Physics, Computing Science, and Engineering Science was significantly skewed to males. Biology was skewed towards females in the same year. Academic ability does not account for this disparity, so other ideas must be at play.

The second is that we continue to have too narrow a view of what STEM is and hence a narrow notion of what STEM-related careers are. To enhance uptake and mobility within the STEM industries we need a broader definition that draws on the full range of academic, practical and social skills in the Scottish population.

We will discuss ways to widen access to STEM, and you will have time to make connections and potentially lay the foundations for your next partnership.

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