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We have a 2 hour event that is run with our local primary schools where they are introduced to digital design and manufacture such that within the 2 hours each pupil design and makes a small item for themselves. They are also introduced to the concept of the Fab Lab, what digital manufacturing can mean to the future and how the small scale machines within the Fab Lab can be used in industry.

As well as supporting those who are just interested in what digital manufacturing can do we also have a number of individuals who use the Fab Lab to support their enterprise from making stencils for face paint to the production of wooden watches, cuff links etc to engraving parts for model F1 crash helmets.

A number of our own students use the facilities to run small enterprises to support them whilst studying – the manufacture of kits to make model train carriages; engraving plates for use in amplifiers. The manufacture of items for Christmas markets is also a favourite.

To our surprise one of the other uses for our equipment has been the production of items for weddings from laser cut invite cards to engraved menus and table place markers.

The limit to what the Fab Lab can be used for is only bound by your imagination.