Inspiring Children's Futures launch in Geneva

Institute for Inspiring Children’s FuturesNews and events

    • Jan 2018: New International Advisory Board appointed

      Inspiring Children’s Futures has announced the membership of its new international advisory Board. This high-level Board brings together expertise and perspectives from Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, reflecting the truly global nature of our ambitions.

    • Nov 2018: First Minister Kilbrandon Lecture

      The First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, delivered the 15th Kilbrandon Lecture at the University's Barony Hall on Thursday 23 November 2017. The event was chaired by Professor Jennifer Davidson, our Executive Director.

    • Jun 2017: International Children’s Rights Symposium

      In June 2017, we brought together an unprecedented gathering of people who are committed to shaping and promoting children's rights from across the world for the International Children’s Rights Symposium. The report, and supporting films, aim to be a record of the conversations and main themes from the event.

    • Jun 2017: Inspiring Children's Futures launch

      "...The title alone, with the word 'inspire' in it, is enough to cause one to pause and celebrate. That the new Institute will bring sharper focus to underlying causality is critically important to all of our work for children. It is only with this deeper understanding that we are able to address the root of what harms or inhibits health in children, and in turn breaks vicious cycles." Dr Susan Bissell, Founding Director, Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children, at launch of Inspiring Children's Futures, June 2017.