CILP Professor cited by Global Policymakers as they decide how to regulate decision making by AI algorithms

Professor Edwards' article on algorithmic transparency,  with co-author Michael Veale of UCL, " Slave to the Algorithm? Why a 'Right to an Explanation' Is Probably Not the Remedy You Are Looking For", currently available in draft on SSRN at will be appearing in Duke Technology and Law Review before the end of 2017. In the meantime however it has been downloaded almost 1000 times and cited favourably by (inter alia) the Council of Europe, the Art 29 Working party (the body which comments authoritatively on European data protection law and the UK House of Lords. Edwards and Veale also helped advise peers during the passage of the new UK Data Protection Bill through its stages in the Lords, helping draft major amendments. 

Both authors have been asked to speak to many bodies concerning their work on AI and law : both addressed a packed audience of major BBC policymakers and lawyers  at the "Blue Room" in July; and most recently Edwards spoke to the International Communications Conference in Brussels on smart cars, privacy and the law, in October; and to the New Scientist AI Live event in London on December 2.