Designing Smart Cities - Opportunities and Regulatory Challenges

Tuesday 31st March and Wednesday 1st April 2015
University of Strathclyde, Technology and Information Centre (TIC Building), Glasgow

Panel and Themes
What are Smart Cities? Local and international perspectives.
Comparative International Perspectives: consider differences between developing & developed nation projects
Policing and privacy in smart cities: look at ambient public space monitoring, public engagement & algorithmic surveillance
Ubiquitous computing, connected data and privacy in the home
Future Energy Management and Sustainability: consider implications of smart grids & metering e.g. climate change, privacy
Intelligent Built Environments & Urban Living: Consider the role of big data in planning & design. Also growth of adaptive architecture e.g. buildings changing due to biometric inputs
Smart transport Infrastructure: consider aspects of intelligent roads and autonomous cars
Creative Smart Cities: consider ambient public art e.g. digital graffiti; Play through sports e.g. marathons; large scale events like Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014

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