Teaching Fellow wins best paper prize

Mark Leiser, Teaching Fellow in Intellectual Property Law and IT law, has  won the Bileta Prize 2017 for best paper for the second time, with his topical paper, "Regulating Fake News". This is the first time anyone has won this award twice. BILETA are the UK higher education body for legal education and technology law and their annual conference at which this award is given (this time held at the University of Braga, Portugal, and with papers from all over Europe) is a highly prestigious event. Mark's 2015 prizewinner is already published at  "The problem with ‘dots’: questioning the role of rationality in the online environment". Congratulations Mark!!  This win also cements Strathclyde's stranglehold on UK IT/IP law among junior scholars as our PhD student Edina Harbinja also won the Best Postgraduate Paper in 2014  for her work on virtual usufructs.