Book Launch Event: The Legal Challenges of Social Media, 6 July 2017, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, London

Dr Lorna Gillies, Strathclyde Law School and Dr David Mangan, City University of London have edited a collection of essays on The Legal Challenges of Social Media which will be published by Elgar next month, June 2017. Social media enables instant access to individual self-expression and the sharing of information. Social media issues are boundless, permeating distinct legal disciplines. The law has struggled to adapt and for good reason: how does the law regulate this medium over the public/private law divide? This event will facilitate a discussion of this critical issue and others included in this new book. The book engages with the legal implications of social media from public and private law perspectives and outlines how the law, in various legal sub-disciplines and with varying success, has endeavoured to adapt existing tools to social media.

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