Strathclyde Law Review - Press Release

First published in 2014, the Strathclyde Law Review has recently completed its 3rd edition. This student-run publication is rapidly expanding and drawing interest from large law firms and legal academics alike. Each issue comprises of submissions from students, academics, and legal professionals. It focuses on unique contemporary pieces on areas such as judicial decisions, legislative changes, and legal ideologies.

With each issue, the Law Review looks to expand and widen its outreach and readership. With the support and sponsorship of many well-established law firms, students are given an opportunity to network with future employers and colleagues, and attend legal events throughout the year. Although the Law Review deals with legal content by nature, participation is not limited only to law students. This is a university publication and as such is open to all students who attend the University of Strathclyde.

The Strathclyde Law Review aims to develop and nurture future legal minds, giving students the opportunity to interact with original work. It will continue to grow and develop with each new publication, taking steps to become a relied upon source for contemporary legal discussion.

Our most recent issue (Volume 3, Issue 1 ) is now available to read online.