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Alison Bruce

PGDE Secondary Education - Home Economics

My alarm goes off at 5.45am. Most mornings I go for a run along the beach, then get organised for work. I am very lucky and live close to my school, so i can make it in for 7.30-8am

I’m responsible for teaching Health and Food Technology, Hospitality and Fashion and Textiles to a wide variety of classes from S2 to S6.

I got my job in the March of my NQT year.

My course prepared me for the working world because it provided me with an in-depth awareness of both broad general education experiences and outcomes and National Qualifications.  The course combined theoretical aspects of educational policy, alongside practical application and work placements.  

My typical day… starts at 8am.  I get set up for the day ahead, which can vary depending on what classes I have each day.  No two days are the same!  With my subject there can be days where practical lessons are back to back, so I usually spend my first 30 minutes each morning setting up for these.  Once the bell for first period goes it is non-stop until the bell for last period.  I usually then stay for an hour or so after school to tidy up and get as much ready for the next day as I can.  Most days I take my paperwork home with me to do later in the evening.

My most memorable work moment… is hard to pin point to just one thing.  A pupil once said in a thank you card that my class had made school “bearable” for them and that they had chosen their career based on their “positive experience” that year.

The best part of my job is getting to spend every day with an amazing bunch of young people, teaching a subject that I am so enthusiastic about.  It sounds cliché, but it is the best feeling in the world when you feel like you are making a difference to their lives and they engage with the subject.  

My advice for other graduates to not listen to negativity about the profession.   It is hard work, you will work long hours but you will get back exactly what you put in.