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Paul Christie

PGDE Secondary Education: Music

My alarm goes off at 6.30am (although my kids are usually through before then!)

I’m responsible for teaching Music and running the Expressive Arts Faculty which consists of Music, Art, Drama, Dance and PE. This makes for a very busy day! 

I got my job after 2 interviews in Spring 2016. 

My course prepared me for the working world with excellent teaching placements in outstanding schools and guest lectures from working Music teachers. 

My typical day… Hah! There’s no such thing as a typical day in a school. That’s why it’s such a good job. 

My most memorable work moment… there have been a few – Conducting a choir and orchestra in the Glasgow Concert Hall, premiering a new piece by the composer, James MacMillan… The most memorable was probably taking a group of pupils to the South of France on a trip. Some of them had never left Scotland before and seeing them embracing French culture and having such a good time was amazing. 

The best part of my job is seeing pupils succeed at something new, whether it’s in exams or playing an instrument or winning a sporting event or performing in a production. In my role, I get to see kids develop outside the classroom a lot, in rehearsals or at sports training for example. This adds another level to the job. 

My advice for other graduates – if you’re considering being a teacher then go for it. It’s a brilliant job. The life-style is ideal and the job satisfaction is great. I changed careers to become a teacher and I’m so glad I did.