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Christina Tay 

Mediation and Conflict Resolution (MSc)


Christina Tay, from New Zealand felt that she was interested in mediation having attended a course and wnated to further expand this knowldege. She was recommended The University of Strathclyde and is now studying the Masters in Mediation and Conflict Resolution. Read more about her experiences so far:

What were your reasons for taking on a postgraduate degree, and why did you decide to study at Strathclyde University?  

I was very fortunate to meet Dr Barbara Wilson at a mediation evening event in NZ twice. On our second meeting, I enquired about the possibility of doing a postgraduate course across in the UK. Dr Wilson suggested that I make contact with Charlie Irvine from Strathclyde University. Charlie arranged a skype talk and when I finished the talk I felt that it was the most appropriate way forward for a strategic career enhancing move. 

What do you like about your course/ department/ faculty/ Strathclyde?   

I absolutely love the course content. I have completed a 5 day mediation course in NZ, and that was great but I felt there was so much more to the work then just the practical application. Through my studies on the MSc Mediation and conflict resolution, I have learned so much about the what, the why, the real in depth understanding of mediation and negotiation. All of our lecturers and guest lecturers have been absolutely outstanding. I feel so grateful, privileged and blessed to be on the course. I have been surrounded by the most amazing peers from all around the world. I can truly say we are like a huge family with so much to share and exchange academically and interpersonally, an absolute privilege to get to know these incredible individuals.

What specialist knowledge / professional skills have you developed whilst studying the course?

I have had a true opportunity to upskill in the area of mediation and negotiation and I am able to apply this knowledge in my personal and professional life.

How is your course specifically helping to enhance you current career / prepare for your future career?

I feel confident that this course has and will continue to open many doors for my future career choices. I have already been approached by two Dispute resolution organisations asking if I will write a journal article for them.  In June-July 2017, I travel to Shanghai China to undertake field research for my Masters thesis – what a wonderful opportunity.

What are your ambitions for the future? How do you think your postgraduate degree, and your time at Strathclyde, will help you achieve your goals.

I would like to move into consultancy work in the realm of ADR, and this postgraduate degree will certainly assist in opening up that possibility.

What have been the main challenges studying at postgraduate level?

Coming from NZ, the main challenge was ensuring that I had sufficient means to support myself across here in UK. Thankfully the exchange rate is favourable and that I have had a strong enough career to allow my being able to remain here and study. Otherwise, everything else has been absolutely amazing, and very easy to access this opportunity.