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Divya Garg

MSc Clinical Health Psychology

What inspired you to apply to Strathclyde?  

Strathclyde University is situated in the heart of Glasgow which is perhaps the most vibrant city in Scotland. The academic standards are high and the faculty is just amazing and helpful. 

What was it about your course that motivated you to apply for it?   

The course is designed to promote academic as well as professional development of an individual. You get an opportunity to work in a professional environment which helps to learn how you can apply your theoretical knowledge in real world. 

What have you enjoyed the most so far about your time in Scotland/ Strathclyde? 

Scotland is a beautiful country with a mix of tradition and modernity. It has a vibrant lifestyle. It has some amazing hang out points. My personal favourite is Ashton Lane which has a number of pubs where you can enjoy live music as well. 

What are your ambitions for the future? How do you think your postgraduate degree, and your time at Strathclyde, will help you achieve your goals?

I want to be a clinical psychologist. In the course we are taught by some eminent psychologists and I hope to benefit from their knowledge and experience. I hope to indulge in volunteer work to develop my skills as well.