Never fear, Tim Horton's is here

By Jessica MacDonald

If you are anything like me; a student doing a law degree, then you know how much coffee or in some cases tea means to you. As a Canadian, I grew up with Tim Hortons. They are all over Canada. From a young age, I can remember my Dad getting his usual order: a “medium, black, double cup”. Or friends ordering the classic “double, double”. Now if you are not a Canadian, this may sound like random words grouped together. But if you are a Canadian, you will understand that it means a medium-sized, black coffee, with an extra cup because it is hot, or a coffee with double cream and double sugar.

When I first received my acceptance letter to the University of Strathclyde, of course, I looked up everything in Scotland that there was to see and do. Especially the café’s in Glasgow. I, myself am a coffee lover. I enjoy all kinds of coffee and trying new things. Glasgow is a city full of fancy coffees and café’s to immerse yourself in. However, when my Dad had informed me that a Tim Horton’s had just opened here in Glasgow I was over the moon with joy! I have had a lot of friends who have travelled around the world. The first thing that they do when they come home is to make a stop at Tim Horton’s for a coffee, and usually Timbits or a bagel. When I was informed that Tim Horton’s had recently opened in the UK I was so excited! 

I took a couple of my friends who are from the UK, and who had never tried Tim Horton’s before. All of them bought either a coffee or an Ice Cap, along with a pack of Timbits. They absolutely loved it! Not only that, but the atmosphere was fantastic as well, it felt a bit like home for me. The downstairs level is a great place to study or to catch up with friends.

There are so many café’s in Glasgow and the majority of them also provide a great atmosphere to study in. Usually, around assignments and exam time, this is where you will find me; in a café with a large coffee, doing my readings or typing away on my computer.

Here is a list of the top 5 café’s to visit in Glasgow for both the fantastic coffee they offer and the great atmosphere. I recommend that you all check them out, as a change in atmosphere is a great way to recharge during the school year. They are all near the University as well.

1.) iCafe: The Nutella Cappuccino is definitely one to try! Pictured below is a regular cappuccino however the Nutella one is a personal favourite!

2.) Spitfire Espresso: If you are in love with the colour of Tiffany Blue and Coffee; look no further!

3.) Tim Hortons: the place which feels a bit like home for every Canadian. The French Vanillas are delicious and make sure to pick up some Timbit as well.

4.) Tinderbox: A great place to pick up a light snack, coffee, and study. It is also over a book store, so if you are a book lover, this is the place to be!

5.) Café Nero: This was one of the first café’s that I visited when I first arrived, it is nice, quiet, and great for getting all the necessary work done.


The next time you find yourself in need of a study break, make sure to try one of these great places and delicious coffees they offer.