Rankings 2017

Schools' strong performance in UK university rankings

Several of the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences' (HaSS) schools and subject areas have made significant jumps in a number of ranking guides such as the Complete University Guide 2017 and the Guardian 2017. Some of the progress made by HaSS schools and subject areas from the 2016 to 2017 rankings is outlined below.

Complete University Guide 2017

The Complete University Guide is a comprehensive rankings of over 140 UK universities in one main table, and in 70 subject tables.


Having moved up from 7th to 5th place, Education is firmly placed in the UK top 10. Of the Scottish universities, only Glasgow is ranked higher.


Law has jumped up 1 place, from 15th to 14th, further confirming our staus as a leading UK Law School


English has moved up 2 places, from 39th to 37th.

The Guardian 2017

The Guardian ranks UK universities by carefully combining scores for the aspects of university life that matter most to students.


Politics has jumped up 4 places, from 19th to 15th, which means we are now in the top three Scotland universities in this area.

Modern Languages

There has been a jump of 2 places, from 60th to 58th.