Teaching Excellence Awards

Success for Humanities & Social Sciences academics

A number of staff from Strathclyde's Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (HaSS) were shortlisted and received awards at the Students Association Teaching Excellence Awards.

Show of appreciation

The awards are voted for by the student body and give students the opportunity to demonstrate their appreciation of the lecturers and tutors. In particular, the awards look to recognise those who teach supportively, innovatively and have a real passion for their subject.

Winners and nominees

Several members of the Faculty of HaSS received awards:

  • Noémie Jollet (French), winner of the teaching award for Best in Faculty (HaSS)
  • Ben Farrand (Law), winner of the award for Best Overall Teacher at Strathclyde
  • Manuela Williams (History), winner of the Most Supportive Teacher at Strathclyde
  • Gabriela Borz (Politics)

In total, 24 members of the faculty were nominated:

Best in Faculty (HaSS)

  • Jemima Anderson (Education)
  • Hugh Gallagher (Education)
  • Noémie Jollet (French)

Most Innovative Teacher at Strathclyde

  • Carolyn Allen (Speech & Language Therapy)

Most Supportive Teacher at Strathclyde

  • Gill Friel (Education)
  • Susan McCool (Speech & Language Therapy)
  • Manuela Williams (History)

Most Enthusiastic Teacher at Strathclyde

  • Pamela Eadie (Education)
  • Paul Hare (Italian)

Best Overall Teacher at Strathclyde

  • Cedric Moreau (French)
  • Lesley Waddell (Education)