The Biolab

The BioLab is run by technicians in the School of Education at Strathclyde University who provide pupils with the opportunity to perform science practicals which they are unable to do at school.

Bio lab centrifuge


The pupils gain valuable knowledge through the practical aspect of the lab, but also enjoy the experience of being in the University.

Feedback from 2016 labs

“The entire set up and running of this lab is perfectly geared to support and challenge young people whilst providing practical techniques relevant to courses.”


“Great experience for the pupils which they all enjoyed. Well organised and easy for pupils to understand.”


“It has been a very well run event - I would recommend to others and I would come back.”


“Pupils were able to gain new experiences/skills by using equipment that they have never used before. They are also gaining experience of being in a lab at university level.”

Feedback for the first block of BioLab PCR labs June-October 2016  provided us with the opportunity to make changes and improvements to the labs in November-December 2016 by altering the powerpoint presentation, instructions, electrophoresis part of the experiment and feedback form.  More detail can be found in the reports below.

1st report of feedback from visitors to the lab 2016

2nd report of feedback from visitors to the lab 2016


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Bio lab pipetting