Outdoor learning opportunities for Education students

Up to 200 students in the School of Education will be able to participate in outdoor learning opportunities this year after a successful pilot project in 2014-15.

40 of our postgraduate students are travelling to Cumbrae to work with the Field Studies Council for a weekend in October with a group of first year undergraduate students making the same trip in November.

A three-day trip to Lapwing Lodge will be available to all first year students in January 2016.

Here's what some of our students said about the experience in 2014/2015:

I was really nervous before coming but have really enjoyed the experience and feel I have made loads of new friends.

We laughed so much...

The fact that it is outdoors just makes it all the more invigorating and allows you to reflect on the environment around you in a new and refreshing way shedding new light on the phrase "outdoor learning" we hear so much about.

I learned so much from the experience, which I am very much looking forward to implementing with my own class.

Overall the weekend away was an excellent experience which I would highly recommend and I would strongly encourage other students to sign up to future opportunities like this one.