Teaching in Thailand

Students teaching in Thailand

Six of our BEd students spent summer 2015 working in Thailand as English Teaching Assistants for the British Council.  They have written about their experiences and shared some photos with us.

We were all placed in different provinces all over the country, which turns out to be rather huge! Some of us lived with host families and others in accommodation provided by the school. Each week we had to create lessons and activities to help improve the children’s communication skills and build up their vocabulary. This didn’t sound too difficult until we were placed in our classrooms with 50 Thai children, handed a microphone and left without a translator… Of course, as B.Ed. students from Strathclyde, we managed to pull it off (somehow) and before we knew it our nine weeks of teaching was finished!

Students on placement in Thailand

During the weekends, we all braved the crazy minibuses to met up in a new destination and explore the wonderful sights of Thailand. Having the opportunity to live and work in a country that is so different from home was invaluable. Our experiences in Thailand were definitely challenging but an experience is what you make of it, and we definitely made the most of it! It truly is ‘The Land of Smiles’ and home to some of the most generous, friendly and helpful people you can imagine.

Students teaching in Thailand