Contemporary Childhood Conference 2016

Young Citizens & Society: Fostering Civic Participation

The School of Education at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, is pleased to host its second Contemporary Childhood Conference, which will take place on 2-3 September 2016.

Citizenship and Civic Education take a range of forms, but the overall goal is to support children and young people’s participation in their immediate society and the wider world. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) mandates the active participation of children in ‘all matters that concern them’ and has encouraged a global effort to include children and young people in discussion and decision-making. From specified curricular programmes, to institutional structures, to adopting and practising participatory approaches, the realisation of this effort varies greatly.

The notion of the child citizen remains ill-defined, and in the context of the democratic deficit, declining voter turnout and rapid globalisation, the question of what a child citizen is and how best to foster their civic participation is becoming increasingly important.

Call for papers

We invite proposals for academic papers/symposia from across disciplines and nations to address the conference theme.

We welcome both empirical and conceptual papers. Symposia should comprise three or four short papers focused on a single theme.

Abstracts of up to 200 words should be submitted electronically by the deadline of midnight (GMT) Friday 29 April 2016.

Invitations to present will be sent by Friday 13 May 2016.

Papers: 20 minutes

Symposia: 90 minutes

Abstracts for papers should be up to 200 words and must note the presenter’s name and affiliated institution, the paper’s title and up to five key words.

Abstracts for symposia should be up to 200 words and should outline the nature of the symposium and the main ideas or issues addressed.  Presenters’ names and affiliated institutions, symposium and paper titles, discussant’s name and affiliation and the symposium leader’s details for correspondence should be noted.

Keynote speakers

Professor Laura Lundy, Queen's University, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Laura Lundy is the Director of the Centre for Children's Rights at Queen’s University, Belfast. She is an expert in rights-based participatory research with children and publishes widely on international children's rights with a particular focus on the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, education rights and children's rights to participate in decision-making.

Professor Lundy’s conceptualisation of children's right to participate in decision-making (based on four core concepts -Space, Voice, Audience and Influence) and published in the British Educational Research Journal in 2007 is one of the most highly cited children's rights papers and the model has been used widely by academics and policy makers.

Conference booking

Register online for this event.

Fees for the conference are as follows:

  • Standard two-day delegate fee: £170
  • Student two-day fee: £80
  • Standard one-day delegate fee: £85
  • Student one-day fee: £50