School of Education Seminar Series

Wednesdays 16.30-18.00

The Series allows presentation and discussion of key educational urgencies, theories, debates and policies. 

All welcome! Come and join in the conversation.

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Empathy Education in the Real World: messages from Youth and Cillian Murphy

Actor and Patron


Prof Pat Dolan,  NUI Galway

Prof John Davis, University of Strathclyde  

28.11.2018 'Why am I in all these pictures?' Issues of voice, labour and access in digital learning stories. LH226A/B

Dr Lynn McNair, University of Edinburgh

Dr Caralyn Blaisdell, University of Strathclyde


Addressing the attainment gap: interrogating the relationship between poverty, attainment and children's mental health and wellbeing. LH226A/B

Prof John McKendrick, Glasgow Caledonian University

Dr Joan Mowat, University of Strathclyde

23.1.2019 Phenomenology and pedagogy in physical education LH226A/B

Prof Oyvind Forland Standal, Oslo Metropolitan University

Prof David Kirk, University of Strathclyde

20.3.2019 Feeling Academic in the Neoliberal University LH226A/B

Dr Cristina Costa, University of the West of England

Dr Emily Henderson, University of Warwick

Prof Yvette Taylor, University of Strathclyde

15.5.2019 Getting PE right from the off! Preliminary findings from an RCT investigating the impact of PE pedagogy underpinned by motor learning and control theory on year 1 children's physical, affective and cognitive development.  LH226A/B  

Dr James Rudd, Liverpool John Moores University

Dr Farid Bardid, University of Strathclyde