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  • Scottish Educational Research Association: Stretched Across the [Early] Career

    This year’s Scottish Educational Research Association (SERA) conference ‘Challenging? Attainment and improvement…’ posed the question of what attainment and improvement is or could be, and if ideas are being challenged or confirmed in different educational landscapes. 

  • National Improvement Framework - reducing the attainment gap

    Sue Ellis reports the Scottish Government is making great strides in its policy to reduce the attainment gap between rich and poor in education.

  • Pedagogical reflections after the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Conference 'Research and Society'

    Dr Laura Lovin examines the experiences of work and resettlement of Romanian workers in two centers of global capitalism, New York City and London. 

  • Gifts from Scotland

    SUN Yeuying, a teacher of English at Tianjin No 2 High School in China,  records her initial impressions of her time in Scotland.

  • Reflections on "Teaching Transgender Diversity" and a call to academic researchers

    Ellis Morgan, PhD Student at University of Strathclyde reflects on ‘teaching transgender diversity’ and makes a call to academic researchers

  • Compulsory Coupledom, Postfeminist Education and Imagined Futures

    Dr. Kinneret Lahad, Tel-Aviv University presented her paper to the School of Education.

  • Sexual-Religious Subjectivities, Senses and Sounds: Citizens, Congregants and Queer Youth

    I recently presented at the Early Career Academic Forum Regional BSA Event, University of Nottingham, on the theme of ‘Embodied Citizenship’, exploring how the state is mediated and felt through the self. My paper specifically hoped to stretch definitions of ‘sexual citizenship’, where queer identifying religious youth are perhaps unlikely or awkward citizens

  • Outdoor Learning Continuing Professional Development

    On the 8th of December our BED 4 and PGDE Geography students presented to a range of students and practicing teachers on ‘how to’ implement outdoor learning through the curriculum.  This event was the result of B Ed 4 students completing an elective on People, Place and Environment (PPE) and Outdoor Learning.

  • Negotiating Queer and Religious Identities in Higher Education

    As part of a broader Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) funded empirical project Making Space for Queer Identifying Religious Youth, Yvette Taylor has been drawn to questioning the negotiation of ‘queer religious’ student identities in Higher Education, asking ‘How are educational experiences narrated and made sense of?’

  • Highly impactful research at Strathclyde

    Professor Ninetta Santoro, discusses the impact of research in the context of educational research and the benefits it can bring to education communities.

  • Language learning in Scotland

    Petra McLay, tells us that developing and improving the learning and teaching of languages in Scotland are at the heart of what SCILT, Scotland’s National Centre for Languages, stands for.

  • Time for reflection

    Dr Claire Cassidy shares her thoughts on the launch of the report on Collective Worship and Religious Observance in Schools. The tragic events in Paris also offer a timely reminder of how we must all consider the ways in which we can demonstrate solidarity against hatred.

  • Assessment and Feedback as a Learning Opportunity for All

    Assessment in the School of Education is an important part of the learning experience.  This learning experience can be for both the assessed and the assessor. 

  • Reflections on the REF2020 and educational research

    The University has launched an Institutional Audit for the next Research Excellence Framework (REF2020). The Audit will involve a detailed assessment of outputs (papers, books and other refereed scholarly works) and will also consider the research environment and potential impact case studies in each Unit of Assessment (UoA), applying for the moment criteria from REF2014.

  • When this is all you ever know: student-led professional development in the School of Education

    While universities endeavour to educate students to be well prepared for their chosen career, it is generally accepted that no single course can prepare a teacher for everything they will go on to encounter. At the University of Strathclyde, students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and development from the outset of their course.

  • Reflections on Early Years, physical literacy and the attainment gap

    The focus of the Scottish Attainment Challenge on literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing in the Early Years is right and appropriate. The First Minister Nicola Sturgeon noted in her speech on the Attainment Challenge the strong connection between poverty and reading attainment at age five.

  • Strathclyde Literacy Clinic

    The 2015/16 Strathclyde Literacy Clinic has started. Sixty of our wonderful final year BEd students are working in teams to teach pupils with literacy difficulties to read and write. They are using their professional knowledge to diagnose why each child is struggling, and are working with them to accelerate learning.

  • Language learning in Scotland

    Now that all our students have arrived on campus and the new academic year is underway, it's worth reflecting on the extent to which the teacher education process rests on collaboration and partnership.