Play:  Stories for a Reason, a Season and a Lifetime

This year's annual conference will take place in-person, in University of Strathclyde's Stenhouse Wing.

About this event 

In-keeping with Scotland's Year of the Stories 2022, the learning will focus on "Play: stories for a reason, a season & a lifetime" with a keynote presentation from Deirdre Grogan & Charlotte Bowes.

Based upon the 7 elements of a successful story, participants will also be invited to choose from a variety of workshops:

  1. the characters: realising play
  2. the plot: understanding play
  3. the setting: preparing play
  4. the points of view: sharing play
  5. the style: sustaining play
  6. the theme: growing play
  7. the literary devices: building play

Key themes include:  children's autonomy, high-quality provision & realistic practice.

Reflections include:

  • How can we increase ownership for the children?
  • How can we move to an emergent curriculum?
  • Why is it important to revisit the quality of play?

The intended audience is Early Years staff who are new to play, hope to re-evaluate their provision for play, want to refresh their thinking.

Date:  29th October 2022

Booking: Further details will be available in August

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