School of Education Seminar Series

Wednesdays 16.30-18.00

The Series allows presentation and discussion of key educational urgencies, theories, debates and policies. 

All welcome! Come and join in the conversation.

For additional information email Saima Salehjee

25.9.19 Becoming science literate : Thinking with Deleuze and Guattari

Professor Mike Watts, Brunel University London

Dr Saima Salehjee, University of Strathclyde

23.10.19 How the Science of Learning Informs Teaching and Student Learning

Dr Carolina E Kuepper-Tetzel, University  of Dundee

Mr Jonathan Firth, University of Strathclyde

13.11.19 Taking engagement seriously : How infants feel minds

Professor Vasu Reddy, University of Portsmouth

Dr Jonathan Delafield-Butt, University of Strathclyde

4.12.19 "All things to all people" vs "To thine own self be true" : What sorts of science teachers do we want in Schools

Professor Michael Reiss, Institute of Education, UCL

Dr Jane Essex, University of Strathclyde

19.2.20 Finding a Place for Critical Literacy in Scotland

Dr Jennifer Farrar, University of Glasgow

Dr Kelly Stone, University of Edinburgh

Dr Navan Govender, University of Strathclyde

11.3.20 Catholic Schools in Scotland.  Myth, mischief...and History

Prof Stephen McKinney, University of Glasgow

Dr Saima Salehjee, University of Strathclyde