Scotland's Stories by Word and Screen

About the Project

Scotland's Stories by Word and Screen’ is a programme funded by the Royal Society of Edinburgh and hosted by Strathclyde University in partnership with the Scottish Book Trust and Glasgow Women’s Library that aims to explore the cognitive differences between hearing or reading stories, and seeing them as film or video.

We know from previous research studies that reading for pleasure is correlated with educational attainment and wellbeing. However, fewer young Scots read for pleasure than in the past. Competition with screen-based entertainment is one possible explanation for this decline.

This project considers narrative, one of the key areas where screen and word are in competition.

We do not know yet what is lost, or gained, by a shift in the consumption of narrative from text to film and how far, if at all, we should aim to attempt to reverse this trend.

This project focuses on two key questions: 

  • How far do we process film and text in different ways?
  • Why might these differences matter? 

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