Britain and France in World War TwoHistory


Her Majesty's Ambassador to France, Sir Peter Ricketts, hosted a colloquium at the Residence in October 2016. Organised by Strathclyde historians Dr Rogelia Pastor-Castro and Dr Karine Varley, this colloquium reflected on the experiences and the roles played by Britain and France. It assessed international approaches to war, Franco-British diplomatic relations, security and intelligence, and military relations.

Speakers' biographies and abstracts of papers (See link here: Colloque 2015 Bios Abstracts)

Distinguished speakers from Britain and France presented to an audience that included diplomats, academics and the media.

Prof David Reynolds (University of Cambridge) Britain and France in 1940: Roads not Taken (David Reynlods Audio)

Dr Rogelia Pastor-Castro (University of Strathclyde) The Paris Embassy and Franco-British diplomatic relations (Rogelia Pastor Castro Audio)

Prof Antoine Capet (Université de Rouen) Churchill's views of France and the French on the eve of the war (Antoine Capet Audio)

Prof Julian Jackson (Queen Mary University of London) De Gaulle in London

Prof Olivier Wieviorka (Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan) Has the French resistance been so French? (Olivier Wieviorka Audio)

Dr Karine Varley (University of Strathclyde) Vichy, Britain and collaboration (Karine Varley Audio)

Prof Martin Thomas and Prof Richard Toye (University of Exeter) War of words: Franco-British imperial rhetoric, 1940-45 (Martin Thomas Audio)

Prof Peter Jackson (University of Glasgow) Franco-British Intelligence and Security Cooperation before, during and after the Fall of France (Peter Jackson Audio)

Professor Andrew Knapp Reflections on the day (Andrew Knapp Audio)