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    • Poverty, Health, Diet and Education in Glasgow Cataloguing Project

      The sixth in Kirsty Menzies' series of blogs for the Wellcome Trust funded cataloguing project “Poverty, Health, Diet and Education in Glasgow: from Domestic Science to the Allied Health Professions, 1875-1993” is now available. This latest blog post looks at the International Federation of Home Economics’ International Congresses and their links with Scotland and the Glasgow and West of Scotland College of Domestic Science. As well as sharing and developing expertise in the teaching of Home Economics, the Congresses stimulated international collaboration between home economists who shared cultural experiences and worked on resolutions tackle health and social problems common to communities across the globe. We are also continuing to tweet a selection of amazing images from the collection on the library twitter feed @SaltireCentre #GCUHistPublicHealthEd #gcuarchives.

    • International Women's Day 2018

      To mark International Women’s Day 2018, Wellcome Trust's Humanities & Social Science team highlights eight projects Wellcome is funding to explore the health experiences of women from different backgrounds around the world. One of the projects is Janet Greenlees' Seed Award to do a pilot project as the first phase of a larger project on the international history of antenatal care. In addition to archival research, she has been working with the Poverty Alliance to try to capture maternity stories from women living in poverty.


  • Wed-Fri
    June 2019
    Changing Minds: Societies, states, the sciences and psychoactive substances in history

    For the first time the ADHS will host its conference in Asia, at Shanghai University in China, one hundred and ten years after the Opium Commission in the city that did so much to shape future control regimes.  The event will also mark the centenary of the Treaty of Versailles which saw the establishment of the first permanent international mechanisms for monitoring and making policy on psychoactive and intoxicating substances at the new League of Nations. 

    The David F. Musto Center for Drugs and National Security Studies at Shanghai University, in partnership with the ADHS and the Centre for the Social History of Health and Healthcare (CSHHH) Glasgow at the University of Strathclyde, looks forward to welcoming all those conducting research on any aspects of the consumption or control of alcohol or drugs in the past, anywhere in the world.


Seminar Series - Semester 1, 2018-19

Wine and refreshments will be provided. All welcome!

For more information, please contact Dr Laura Kelly (

  • Mon
    Nov 2018

    Canadian Population Control: Eugenics, Environment, and Feminism in the 1970s

    Erika Dyck (University of Saskatchewan)

    From 5.00 pm, in Room 204, Stenhouse Wing


  • Mon
    Dec 2018

    The Abortion Act (1967): a Biography

    Gayle Davis (University of Edinburgh)


    From 5.00 pm, in Room LH228, Lord Hope Building


  • Thurs
    Dec 2018

    “Crossroads of American Sovereignty: Technogenic Suffering and Media Spectacle in the Nuclear Pacific"

    Mary Mitchell (Purdue University)


    From 1.00 pm, in Room LH218, Lord Hope Building

    Lunch will be provided

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