International Health Organisations and the History of Health and Medicine 1870-2013, Shanghai University 2013


Call for Papers 2013
The Inernational Health Organisation (IHO) has rarely been viewed as a distinct phenomenon in the history of health and medicine in the modern period. The conference seeks to address this by bringing together historians and those from related disciplines with relevant research interests. It aims to produce fresh insights into particular periods, organisations and case studies, but also to explore the potential of comparitive perspectives, and of teasing IHOs out of the wider history of helath and medicine in modernity.

Key questions would include:

  1. What agendas and ideologies shaped the emergence of IHOs in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries?
  2. How far have IHOs met their objectives and what shaped or prevented success?
  3. What impacts have IHOs had in the locales where they have been embedded?
  4. To what extent have locals worked with or against IHOs and what shaped their approaches?
  5. In what ways has the emergence of the IHO had wider impacts on international relations, and on domestic relations in contributing countries and cultures?
  6. What does the emergence of the IHO over the last two centuries tell historians about the history of medicine, and of modernity?

The event is a jointly organised conference between the Shanghai Social Sciences Association, the David Musto Centre at Shanghai University, and the CSHHH Glasgow at the University of Strathclyde.

International Conference on ‘International Health Organisations and the History of Health and Medicine’








Shanghai Social Sciences Association


David F. Musto Center for Drug Policy Studies, Shanghai University


Center for the Social History of Health and Healthcare Glasgow,

University of Strathclyde



October 18-20, 2013 Shanghai, China 中国·上海


Friday Oct. 18, 2013




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Reception and Dinner 欢迎晚宴

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Saturday Oct. 19, 2013




Opening Ceremony开幕式


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Coffee & Tea Break and Group Picture 茶歇及合影


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Keynote Address 主旨演讲


William H. Schneider (Indiana University)

Blood Transfusion and International Health Organizations in the Twentieth Century


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Session 1.1: Themes and Issues in the History of International Health Organizations

Chair: Slawomir Lotysz

[New Lehu Hotel Siyuan Hall思源厅]


The Idea of a ‘Health System’: International Health Organisations and the Genesis of Comparative Health Systems Research, 1891-1969

Martin Gorsky, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine


Endocrine Disruptors: Health and Modernity as an Evolving Concern in International Organizations 

Iris Borowy, University of Rostock


The IHO as Actor: The case of cannabis and the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs 1961

James Mills, University of Strathclyde


The American Bureau for Medical Aids to China (ABMAC): American education and Chinese military surgeons

Michael Shiyung Liu, Academia Sinica



Lunch 午餐

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Concurrent Session 2.1: Colonial Health Services as IHOs

Chair: James Mills

[New Lehu Hotel Siyuan Hall思源厅]


International or French? The first International Sanitary Conferences (1851-66) and France’s struggle for sanitary hegemony in the Mediterranean   

Francisco Javier Martinez Antonio, Université Paris-Diderot


The Mission to Lepers: Perceptions and challenges against leprosy in Colonial Bihar

Krishna Manmohan, University of Delhi


The Colonial Medical Service in Kenya, 1880-1945: the politics of race in a government health organization

Anna Greenwood, University of Nottingham Ningbo


Concurrent Session 2.2: Medical missions in global perspective

Chair: Guo hong

[New Lehu Hotel Shangshan Hall上海大学乐乎新楼二号楼上善厅]


Christianity and the rural health construction in the Republican period, 1927-1937

Li Chuan bin, Hunan Normal University


Medicine in Colonial India: The London Missionary Society and South Travancore Medical Mission, 1838-1947

Sam Raj Nesamony, Jawaharlal Nehru University


From charity to development: Christian approaches to international health care, 1950s to 1970s

Walter Bruchhausen, RWTH Aachen University/University of Bonn


Concurrent Session 3.1: The League of Nations

Chair: Iris Borowy

[New Lehu Hotel Siyuan Hall思源厅]


Japan and the League of Nations Health Organization, 1925–1938: International health and international politics  

Kayo Yasuda, Kansai Gaidai University


International Health on the Margins: Australia and the League of Nations in the Pacific Islands

Alexander Cameron Smith, The University of Sydney


The League of Nations Health Organization and Shanghai Public Health, 1922-1937

Zhang Yong-an, Shanghai University


Concurrent Session 3.2: The Red Cross and Public Health

Chair: Martin Gorsky

[New Lehu Hotel Shangshan Hall上善厅]


In the Name of Humanitarianism: The Oriental Red Cross Conferences and the colonization of Asian public health in the 1920s 

Yoshiya Makita, Hitotsubashi University


The Quest for World Health and the Indian Red Cross Society, 1920-1939 

Adrian P. Ruprecht, University of Cambridge


The Challenging Years of the Red Cross Society in the Philippines as an International Health Organisation and as a Local Medical Institution  

Arnel E.Joven, University of Asia and the Pacific


Coffe & Tea Break 茶歇

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Keynote Address 主旨演讲


Sanjoy Bhattacharya (University of York)

From ‘international’ to ‘global’ health or ‘trans-national, international and global’ health?: Interrogating categories and transitions in the historiography of medicine

[New Lehu Hotel Siyuan Hall思源厅]


Dinner 晚宴

Sunday Oct. 20, 2013




Keynote Address


Nitsan Chorev (Brown University)

The World Health Organization between North and South


[New Lehu Hotel Siyuan Hall思源厅]


Coffe & Tea Break 茶歇

[New Lehu Hotel上海大学乐乎新楼二号大厅]


Concurrent Session 4.1. The Rockefeller Foundation

Chair: Mandisa Mbali

[New Lehu Hotel Siyuan Hall思源厅]


The Difficulties of Developing Western Medical Education in the Colony: A Case Study on the Rockefeller Foundation and the HKU Faculty of Medicine   

Law Yuen Han, Hong Kong Baptist University


Fighting mosquitoes with the support of the Rockefeller Foundation. A step to gaining the National Presidency.  The career of General Jorge Ubico during the yellow fever epidemics in Southern Guatemala in 1918   

Talia Rebeca Haro Barón, University of Linköping


The Rockefeller Foundation and the Development of China’s Public Health (1920s-1940s)

Ma Qiusha, Oberlin College


Concurrent Session 4.2: The WHO and the UN

Chair: Nitsan Chorev

[Shangshan Hall上善厅]


The Genealogy of WHO and UNICEF and the Intersecting Careers of Melville Mackenzie (1889-1972) and Ludwik Rajchman (1881-1965)

David Macfadyen, Centre for the History of Medicine, University of Glasgow


A Health, Policing, Economic or Social Welfare Issue? The Creation of the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs, 1944-6

John Collins, The London School of Economics


Between Colonial Reform and Global Public Health: The Establishment of the WHO Regional Office for Africa

Jessica Pearson-Patel, New York University


The WHO and TB in Taiwan, 1950-1971

Chang Shu-ching, Chang Gung University


Lunch 午餐

[Ermei Canteen上海大学尔美餐厅]


Concurrent Session 5.1: IHOs and National Health

Chair: Kayo Yasuda

[Siyuan Hall思源厅]


The ILO and the white lead issue: How an old occupational health and safety problem became a high transnational priority (1920-1926)

Judith Rainhorn, University of Lille-Nord de France Valenciennes


International Health Organizations (IHOs), The Polio Epidemic in Israel & the Development of Rehabilitation Services for Disabled Children in Israel, c.1950-1960

Nava Blum, Max Stern Yezreel Valley College 


The International Community and the health of Rhine Boatmen after the World Wars.

Slawomir Lotysz, Institute of Civil Engineering, University of Zielona Góra


Concurrent Session 5.2: IHOs and the transfer of knowledge

Chair: Ma Qiusha

[New Lehu Hotel Shangshan Hall上善厅]


‘A Breakthrough for Oppression’: Domestic Activism against South Africa’s Readmission to the World Medical Association, 1981-19855 

Mandisa Mbali, Stellenbosch University


Globalization, Humanitarianism, and Cross-Cultural Issues in the Categorization of Diseases: The Case of Psychopathology     

Guilherme Sanches de Oliveira, University of São Paulo (Brazil)


Why we need IHO?: analyses based on History and pestology

Min Fanxiang, Nanjing University


Concurrent Session 6: IHOs and Asia

Chair: Zhou Qi

 [New Lehu Hotel Siyuan Hall思源厅]


Reasoning: The Spread of Western Concept of Health and Medical Missions during the Republican Period

Pi-Kuo li, Chung Yuan Christian University


International Organizations and Guangdong Rinderpest Prevention and Cure (1946-1948)        

Liu Sheila, Taiwan Normal University


The research of Chinese and Western medicine amalgamation studies by Lu Yuanlei

Lin Chenshien, Shu Yizhang, China Medical University (Taiwan)


Business of ‘Hygiene’: Hygiene and the Construction of Consumer Culture in Late Qing China

Zhang Zhongmin, Fudan University


Coffe & Tea Break 茶歇

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Closing Ceremony 闭幕仪式

Chair: Feiya Tao


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Dinner 晚宴