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Language Ambassadors Programme

The Language Ambassadors Programme provides student role models to promote modern languages to young people, and encourage them to choose languages as part of their high school curriculum.

As role models, the ambassadors will share their experiences and their successes; they will also be honest about the challenges they faced studying a modern language.

The programme enhances classroom-based learning, by providing further opportunities for pupils to experience foreign languages ‘for real’, and by using them in fun and engaging in real-life activities

Information for schools

The Language Ambassadors Programme provides support to schools by sending teams of two or three student to deliver a range of activities such as:

  • a general presentation by students about their experiences as language learners
  • practical workshops or class-based activities focussing on fun language development
  • Q&A sessions about the benefits of studying a foreign language

Where possible, our students visit their former secondary school to provide pupils with role models they can easily relate to, through the familiarity of shared school experiences.

We’ll involve you in the planning stage to agree the types and format of activities to best meet the needs of your pupils.

A team of ambassadors will be selected and will visit the school, working in partnership with you. This will also be a valuable learning experience for our students.

Information for Strathclyde students

Becoming a volunteer will set you apart from other graduates.

Becoming a volunteer in the Languages Ambassador Programme is a rewarding experience that will set you apart from other graduates.

It’s an opportunity to have a positive impact on the educational experiences of young people, while gaining some in-school experience before your year abroad, or during your final year.

As an ambassador, you’ll take part in around three school visits. You will usually be in groups of three or four, sometimes accompanied by a staff member.

You may even have the opportunity to return to your former school to share your experiences with pupils who are at the stage of selecting their subjects for national qualifications.

We encourage you to be creative but will support you in developing resources for your visit. You’ll also benefit from peer support in your teams.

If you would like to become a Language Ambassador, please contact Cédric Moreau.