Recent media reports have highlighted concerns about interpersonal safety issues across the Higher Education sector. The Equally Safe in Higher Education (ESHE) Project based in the School of Social Work and Social Policy is being funded by the Scottish Government to undertake research and to develop a national Higher Education Toolkit to address these issues on Scotland’s campuses.

The research involves collecting data from all staff and students in Scottish HEI's with Strathclyde selected as the pilot site. The data collected will help to develop our understanding of the issue and to create more effective responses and reporting mechanisms.  The research also aims to capture the range of views held by Strathclyde staff and student bodies. 


The survey is only for Strathclyde Staff and Students . The survey will be accesed via an email link that has been sent to their Strathclyde account.

The Survey is open until  5pm on Monday 18th December 2017.


For more information about the ESHE project please contact