New Social Policy and Criminology research staff join the school

Welcome to our new staff joining us on the new phase of work in the “Equally Safe in Higher and Further Education” project and Daniel Horn will be with us for three years on the ESRC study “In the Gulag’s Shadow”.  


Dr Anke Kossurok Research Associate

Dr Anke Kossurok has five years of research experience in the field of mental health (e.g., trauma) and interpersonal violence (e.g., child abuse, intimate partner violence, and online sex offending), and has working knowledge of ensuring participants’ safety in such research. She has research expertise in both qualitative and quantitative methods and will lead the qualitative research part of this project while overseeing the collaboration with other institutions. Anke is experienced in Grounded Theory analysis and using a variety of computer-assisted qualitative analysis software, and has knowledge of Thematic Analysis. She has also worked as Assistant Psychologist with adult trauma survivors of abuse in a community setting. Anke completed training in Conducting Research Interviews, Analysing Qualitative Data, using NVivo, Working with Sensitive Data, Suicide Awareness, and Safe to Say (front line working with abuse survivors). She has initiated and engaged in a variety of knowledge exchange activities on the topics of mental health, trauma and interpersonal violence, and has written various research reports.


Maria Zoffova Research Associate

Maria comes from a political science and media, information and communications background and has research expertise in both qualitative and quantitative methods. She will lead the quantitative method work on the ESHE project. She has expertise in panel data analysis and computer-assisted text analysis and recently updated her training in an advanced research methods programme on causal inference and data visualisation. 



Daniel Horn Research Associate

Joins the school following some years in the field of international development, particularly in the area of social protection in low and middle income countries (LMICs). He has worked at the international level and across several countries, remaining active in global civil society campaigns to ensure universal social protection and inclusive government. His core academic interests are in the field of welfare states, democratic participation, and the linkages between various components of welfare systems, with a keen interest in the role of ‘correctional’ systems in the framework of the welfare state. His general interests include: democratic participation and welfare systems, punishment and political economy, social protection policy and financing, and research methods and applied theory.