Policy Exchange

In September 2017, Neil Quinn and Lee Knifton from the School of Social Work and Social Policy and Centre for Health Policy led a policy exchange for a group of leaders in mental health policy from Scotland to visit New York to exchange ideas on mental health policy and practice.

The aim of the policy exchange was to share learning and good practice on the development and implementation of mental health policy and practice in Scotland and in New York. It included visits to the Thrive NYC programme, a large-scale public mental health initiative developed by the New York City mayor, Bill de Blasio.

This exchange was part of the Citizenship, Recovery and Inclusive Society Partnership, a 4 year knowledge exchange programme focused on mental health and social inclusion. (www.crisppartnership.eu). Supported by a European Union grant, our international partnership connects leaders from academia, policy, practice, advocacy, and community organisations from the Europe and U.S. to share learning on ways to promote citizenship, recovery, and social inclusion.