Scottish Prisons Commission: 10 Years On

Dr Cara Jardine, Dr Beth Weaver and Professor Laura Piacentini from the School of Social Work and Social Policy’s Criminal and Social Justice cluster, will be speaking at a conference to mark 10 years of the Scottish Prisons Commission.  In July 2008, the Prisons Commission’s recommendations encompassed comprehensive change across the criminal justice system, in seeking to reduce Scotland’s excessive use of prison compared to other parts of Europe. This conference focuses on the current situation and future of justice in Scotland, including parallel sessions on three major themes: Community Justice, Women and Justice and Reducing the Prison Population.

Speakers include many of the former Commissioners including Henry McLeish, Lesley Riddoch, Alistair Duff and David Strang along with representatives from Howard League Scotland, the Scottish Prisons Service and Scottish Government as well as a guest lecture from Prof Bruce Western from Columbia University who will discuss Punishment & Inequality in an International Perspective. 

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