The Contribution of Volunteering to Scotland's Health and Wellbeing

We invite you to attend our 10th seminar, from the School of Social Work and Social Policy on 5th May 2021 between 12 noon and 1pm. In this seminar, chaired by Professor Bernard Harris, Matthew Linning and and Debbie Maltman of the Research and Evaluation Team at Volunteer Scotland (@VolScotland) we discuss their research exploring The Contribution of Volunteering to Scotland's Health and Wellbeing.


Abstract: Matthew and Debbie will start the seminar by ‘setting the scene’ for volunteering – how we define it, who is engaged demographically and who benefits. The main topic will be an investigation of the health and wellbeing benefits for both the beneficiaries of volunteering and the volunteers themselves. It will explore the inter-related impacts on physical health, mental health and social isolation and loneliness. The talk will conclude with a review of recent evidence on the contribution of volunteering to Scotland’s health and wellbeing during COVID-19.

If you are interested in attending this seminar, please click on the following link to our Eventbrite page.

About our presenters:

Matthew Linning leads the Research and Evaluation Team at Volunteer Scotland. Over the last seven years he has published research on volunteering in relation to Scotland’s historic environment, youth volunteering, UK and Scottish volunteering participation, health and wellbeing, and diversity and inclusion. A cross-cutting theme which has emerged from this research is the importance of volunteering to the health and wellbeing of volunteers and society more widely. Matthew’s current research on the impact of COVID-19 also highlights the critical role volunteering plays in supporting those most in need in society.

Debbie Maltman works in the Research and Evaluation Team at Volunteer Scotland focusing mainly on quantitative data analysis. Debbie joined the Research and Evaluation team in October 2018, after completing a summer project with Volunteer Scotland as part of her MSc in Data Science for Business, which was awarded the Data Lab student project of the year (2017/18). During Covid-19 Debbie has been focused on collating the existing evidence on the volunteer response in Scotland to COVID-19, including quantitative analysis of a number of Scottish Covid-19 Surveys and qualitative evidence gathered from scanning media and social media from the outset of the pandemic.