Reimagining Custody, Community & Citizenship for 21st Century Scotland

School of Social Work & Social Policy colleagues to participate in international prison conference

The Scottish Prison Service is hosting a symposium in Edinburgh on June 2 and 3.

The theme is “Reimagining Custody, Community and Citizenship for 21st Century Scotland”.

Organised with collaborative input from SCCJR, the School of Social Work & Social Policy here at the University of Strathclyde, and the Scottish Government, the event will discuss the nature and purpose of penal policy and practice in contemporary Scotland. 

Exploring Scottish culture

The Symposium will explore the values, beliefs and assumptions within Scottish culture which underlie the current relationships between concepts of community, citizenship and custody and explore how these relationships might be better configured.

It will examine social inequalities reflected in, and reproduced by, the penal system and consider whether and how a future penal system might challenge and disrupt these inequalities. 

Symposium objective

The objective is to develop a series of propositions for a penal system that will be fit for the 21st century and be reflective of the Scottish Government’s commitment to a “Safer, Stronger, Fairer” Scotland. 

Our experts

Both Dr Beth Weaver and Professor Laura Piacentini will be involved in this important and timely event.

Beth has been invited to present her path-breaking work on co-production and desistance and Laura, who has been involved in some of the organisation the conference, will be facilitating group discussions on the penal system’s role in social justice.

Laura said:

this Symposium is responding to the urgent need to ask the difficult questions about the place of prison in society. We are very much looking forward to bringing our expertise to this event, and we hope that we can help stimulate the discussions around the questions posed.