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Social work & social policy Our courses: social policy

BA Social Policy

This new degree programme gives you the opportunity to learn more about the social and economic challenges facing Scottish society and enables you to place these in a broader international and comparative perspective.

It also addresses some of the major questions of our time, such as how should social policy adapt to a changing global, digital, connected and information-rich world; how can we adapt social policies to the needs of a more diverse society; and how should resources be distributed, not only between generations, but also within them?

MSc Social Policy & MSc Social Policy (Research Methods)

Starting from September 2016, these programmes will offer you the opportunity to develop and extend your knowledge and understanding of key social policy issues together with advanced training in research methods.

They aim to improve your knowledge and understanding of the factors which shape social needs and the ways in which different societies have responded to these; to enhance your research skills; and to enable you to undertake an independent research project on a topic of your choice.

They are suitable for students who:

  • have studied social policy at undergraduate level and who wish to build on the foundations they have already laid before entering employment or embarking on further study
  • graduates of other disciplines who wish to improve their knowledge and understanding of social and welfare issues whilst also enhancing their research skills
  • individuals already in employment who wish to update their existing knowledge and skills before moving onto the next stage of their careers