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Social work & social policy The Kilbrandon Lectures

The Kilbrandon Lecture series was inaugurated in 1991, and is supported by the Scottish Government and the University of Strathclyde.

Lord Kilbrandon chaired the committee which led to the formation of the Scottish Children's Hearings system, a unique framework of care and justice designed to ensure that children's 'deeds and needs' are considered whenever formal legal proceedings related to care and justice arise.

It is over 50 years since Charles Shaw, Lord Kilbrandon, produced his Committee's report which led to the abolition of juvenile courts in Scotland and their replacement by lay panels - 'children's hearings' as they have come to be known. This was a radical change especially when considered in the context of 1960's conservative Scotland.

Lord Kilbrandon's legacy is a living one - that stretches through our unique children's hearings system to all professions and services that interact with Scotland's young people. This lecture series, considers the vast range of issues that can impact on a child's upbringing and explores how together we can make Scotland a better place to grow up.

Take a look at last year's 15th Kilbrandon lecture which was given by Scotland's First Minister,  Nicola Sturgeon, in the Barony Hall on the 23rd of November 2017. Read the First Minister's speech in the Scottish Journal of Residential Childcare.

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